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Friday, 23 February 2018 20:46

Participation of STIP Jakarta in the Asian Conference on Maritime System and Safety Research

ACMSSR or the so-called Asian Conference on Maritime System and Safety Research held its 17th meeting in Singapore.

The event was held on 17-18 August 2017 at the Maritime Institute, Singapore Polytechnic and participated by Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan.

On the first day, the event was opened by a research presentation from Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi from Japan under the title Proposal for Progress of Full Automation of Ship Handling, followed by presentations from several other countries. Implementation of the first day was closed with a dinner. While on the second day, ACMSSR opened with a presentation of research from Prof. Uchino Akiko from Japan with the title of the proposal of Verifying the Influence of Workload upon Achieving Safe Navigation which is also closed with dinner events.

Indonesia on this occasion was represented by 2 research teams from the lecturers of STIP Jakarta. The first research team is Antoni Arif Priadi, Vidya Selasdini, Titis Ari Wibowo by presenting the research entitled Evaluation on Passengers' Safety Knowledge on Board Vessel Serving Kali Adem to Kepulauan Seribu Using Gap Analysis. while the second participant is Abdul Rohman with a research entitled Analyze Education and Training Using Marine Engine Simulator at STIP Jakarta.

The entire research has been included in the proceeding which will be entered into international journals which can added value for STIP in the preparation of accreditation.

In addition to follow ACMSSR, the research team also visited several places, namely:

1. Singapore Polytechnic's Port Operation Control Center.

2. MPA Singapore to watch VTIS 4th generation owned by singapore.



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