STIP Jakarta

Friday, 23 February 2018 20:48

Basic Technical Knowledge of Welding Above Ship

(13/09) On this day Section Center for Research and Community Service STIP carry out a service devotion in the form of training intended for societies around cilincing. The event entitled "Pelatihan Pengetahuan Dasar Teknik Khusus Mengelas Diatas Kapal" or "Training of Basic Knowledge of Special Technique of Welding Above the Ship" . activity which was inaugurated by Head of Research Center Unit and Community Service , Pande Irianto Subandrio S, MM representing Principle of STIP. The event was attended by several officials of STIP and cilincing village officials. This activity is one form of community service organized by STIP with the aim to equip the surrounding community with knowledge and specialized engineering knowledge on the ship. The extension participants who are present are eligible participants who have passed the requirements according to the procedures specified by STIP.

At the opening ceremony the Principle of STIP Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MM ,. MH advised the lecturers and the organizing committee to participate in order that the training is going well and according to plan


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