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Monday, 18 March 2019 15:25


Chairman of the School of Shipping Sciences (STIP) Jakarta, Capt. Sahattua P. Simatupang, MH, was awarded the Appreciation of Leader of Change Leaders in the category of Inspirative Leader 2018 version 7SkyMedia on Friday (2/2) at Bidakara Grand Savoy Homann Hotel Bandung, West Java attended by representatives of West Java Provincial Government and Bandung City.

Since taking office as Chairman of STIP, Capt. Sahattua is considered focused on improving the quality of STIP in creating competent, competent, and proficient human resources in the field of commercial voyage. The Change Project that was initiated was fully supported by the Head of BPSDM of Transportation, Dr. Djoko Sasono and other Kemenhub leaders and the majority of stakholders. This project is a project that unites all elements in STIP to synergize STIP to become an educational institution under the Ministry of Transportation that implements the policy of shipping education pattern of world-class education of world-class industry in the campus environment.

The innovations are spread equally in terms of infrastructure, infrastructure and development, human resource development, academic development, modern information technology development for internal and external dormitory monitoring and communication and modern management system for the quality of service, safety and security and environmental protection oriented to the standards of the shipping industry, as well as the development of cooperation between STIP and stakeholders. At the end of 2017, STIP Innovation Idea that was carried by Capt. Sahattua has passed testing by the State Administration of the Republic of Indonesia (LAN-RI) with the best category and very satisfactory. The exhibition of his ideas was included in the best 5 categories of 30 participants from various agencies and government agencies throughout Indonesia. Until now the idea of ​​the change project is still ongoing and is in the medium term stage. Head of BPSDM of Transportation, Dr. Djoko Sasono, appreciated this achievement, "Hopefully this award becomes additional energy to be more advanced and continue to achieve," said Djoko.

Bisma Mukti Wibowo also as the Chief Operator and Supervisor 7SkyMedia in the award presentation revealed that the award is worthy given to those who have shown quality in the lead. 7SkyMedia is a management that gives appreciation to actors who have demonstrated contribution and innovation to the changes that give progress from several sectors including economy, education, government and other sectors that affect the progress of the nation. "At first I did not know at all about 7sky media, a little surprised when receiving this nomination notice" said Capt. Sahattua after receiving the award. He added that the support of Head of BPSDM of Transportation made him sure to receive the award. "Thanks to the extended family of STIP and BPSDMP and all those who have supported me, this award is for all of us", Capt stated. Sahattua. In particular, to all employees in the STIP environment, Capt. Sahattua convey our deep gratitude and hope that our performance will improve and together make STIP a center of excellence of commercial shipping education in Indonesia. The innovation and development of commercial shipping education is in line with one of the current government focus of President Jokowi, restoring the glory of the Indonesian maritime in the world arena. "It's an easy task, but also a responsibility that brings pride", Capt concluded. Sahattua.


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