STIP Jakarta

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 01:37

STIP Jakarta Mid-Level Taruna Odd Semester Upgrading Ceremony

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 09:37


Principle of STIP Capt. Marihot P Simanjuntak, MM. Lead the 2018 odd semester upgrading ceremony (8/14). This activity is marked by the replacement of the Semester Level mark (Chevron). On this occasion the Principle of STIP Jakarta also gave awards to 4 cadets and 3 female cadets achievers, the 7 cadets were outstanding in the academic and non academic fields. And this is the names of cadets who got this achievement:


1. M.Alfian Taufik

2. Fahril Huzaini

3. Sabrina Sofia

4. Puji Anggito

5. Maykel Samuel

6. Renanda Aurelia Putr

7. Resty Rayuan Tambunan