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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 10:48

Vision,Mission And Objectives

In carrying out the duty and its function, STIP has decided the vision, mission, and goals as follows:


Become an international class Maritime Higher Education Institute that produce professional seafarer.


  1. Improving the implementation of education for mastering the international standard maritime competencies based on modern methodology and information technology;
  2. Improving the implementation of scientific research and community service for the development of the maritime industry;
  3. Improving character building, leadership, mental and moral as well as the readiness of the cadets to fulfill the needs for quality maritime industry seafarer;
  4. Building and maintain facilities, infrastructure and educational facilities in accordance with the development of science, technology and art;
  5. Improving education administration that is transparent and accountable based on an integrated management system.


  1. Improving the quality of education to produce seafarer's who have international standard science, expertise and skills and also meet applicable requirements;
  2. Increasing the number and quality of research in maritime science for development of knowledge that is benefical to the maritime industry and enhancing community service activities;
  3. Improving the development of good mental and moral attitudes, excellent physical fitness and also caring for safety, security, efficiency in accordance with the development of science, technology and art also meet applicable requirements;
  4. Improving educational facilities and infrastructure as well as facilities for forming attitudes effectively, efficiently according to the development of science, technology and art as well as meeting the demands; 
  5. Improving the quality management system to implement transparent and accountable organizational governance and to carry out continuous development.


  1. Creating the graduates in maritime shipping industry that has international competence.
  2. Producing the scientific research and community service that has benefits to shipping industry development.
  3. Creating the graduates that has industrial characteristics, has integrity and love their country.
  4. Having the modern eduation facilities and always keep up the shipping industry development.
  5. The achievement of transpareny and accountability of education administration and financial governance.

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