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brige simulator
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran equipped with various facilities to support teaching and learning process, one of the existing facilities at (STIP) Jakarta was Simulator.

Until now, STIP has 14 Simulator.

ARPA SIMULATOR, ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) is a simulator used for deck cadets. Giving experiment of sailing on non-visual conditions, and only rely on ARPA.


FULL MISSION SHIP BRIDGE SIMULATOR, Simulator is a ship bridge simulator, where the entire system is provided and resembling the conditions on board. This simulator is used by Nautical department cadets, as stabilization before on board the ship.


ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR, Engine Room Simulator is a ship engine room simulator , in which situations , procedures are according to the workflow in the ship's engine room . The Engine Cadets practice simulations at the laboratory.


PC GMDSS SIMULATOR, PC GMDSS (Personal Computer Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) Simulator adalah simulator untuk berlatih prosedur-prosedur dalam pengiriman berita/ komunikasi bahaya. Simulator ini digunakan oleh taruna jurusan Nautika.


REAL EQUIPMENT GMDSS SIMULATOR, REAL EQUIPMENT GMDSS Simulator used by deck cadets to practice the procedure of sending news/hazard communication


ECDIS,ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) is navigation system computer-based information in accordance with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts.


CBT SIMULATOR, CBT(Computer Base Training) Simulator in this institute offers learning programs for  Nautical, Technical, and Port and Shipping Management Cadets.


FMERS, FMERS (Full Mission Engine Room Simulator) adalah  ship engine room simulator, in which, the situation and workflows in accordance with the engine room of the ship. This simulator uses full touch screen.



STEAM TURBINE SIMULATOR, Its function is to learn about the process of making steam from cold conditions to be used as the main engine propulsion consisting of MC90 and Dual Fuel.


Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, as a practice for students majoring Nautical mainly in order to better understand the work in oil tankers, gas or chemical.

Simulator Steering Trainer, is simulator training on a steering console and miniature of steering a ship machine . This simulator offers a wide range of practices related to steering the ship and handling

Electrical Power Plant Simulator, To learn how to operate and care of existing machinery in the engine room.

Ship Stability Simulator,
Its function is to study the stability of the ship while loading and while sailing.
The materials include: stability of roro ships, LNG container, Live stock, Bulker, VLCC.


KALK Simulator, This simulator is the place for STIP cadets to practice about how the shipping process runs.


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