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Wireless Network

b_310_0_16777215_0___images_logo_jaringan_wireless.jpgThe local Area Network (LAN) of STIP Jakarta reaches all work units in STIP. Besides using a wired network system, we also use connection system uses radio frequencies as the medium. Standard " Wireless Device" that is used by our LAN is the Institute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers (IEEE 802.11 g) which uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz and has a 54 Mbps transmission capability. The bandwidth is 15 Mbps for International and 25 Mbps for local and will be improved.

The device used is Wireless Broadband Router (WBR) because it has the ability to filter data passing in a network based on rules or protocols that have been determined. This device is also used to connect some models of LAN network and WAN.

There are 5 (five) units of WBR devices installed on the LAN STIP Jakarta located as follows :

1.Lobby Of Main building 1.2

2. Third Floor Of Agum Gumelar Building

3. Second Floor Of Agum Gumelar Building

4. Lecturer Room of Port and Shipping Management

5. Lecturer Room of Marine Engineering Departement

6.Unit of Cadets Counsel

7. Library

8.Registration Counters

9.Development Division of STIP

10.Housing Complex of STIP

Although WBR has been installed, to be able to take advantage of these wireless networks, one must register first to the Information System Management of STIP and of course the user's computer must meet Hardware Wireless Card,namely:

  • Wireless LAN Card is used for desktop computers installed in a PCI slot in the computer mainboard.
  • PCMCIA Wireless LAN Card is used for laptop computers.
  • Wireless USB Adapter can be used for desktop and laptop computers

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