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Other Activities

Other activities =( Spiritual Center, Routine activity(Morning Assembly, Marching Line Training, Activity In Dorm, Cleaning, Night Assembly, Duty), English Team (english debate, speech activity) Vallreef, Pataka)

Spiritual Center


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In addition to implementing its own worship in the dorm, cadets also conduct compulsory worship every Tuesday evening and Friday Afternoon in classroom



Moslem cadets have their prayer five times a day in the STIP, and execute spiritual activities every Thursday Night and Friday prayers at noon at the Mosque

kristen 1 Christian

In addition to have their own worship in the dorm, cadets also have compulsory worship every Thursday Evening and Friday Afternoon at the chapel in STIP


Routine Activities

apel pagi

Morning Assembly

Every Monday-Friday after breakfast in Wisraba, all cadets are obliged to follow Morning Assembly at 06.30 hours in the star field of STIP

It is led by the Officer On Duty

The purpose of this morning assembly in addition to check the number of cadets, is to foster a spirit of nationalism within cadets, with national flag hoisting carried out every day


Meal Time

All cadets have their meals in the dinning hall called "Wisraba"

laporan staff resimen

Regimet Staff Report

In the process of morning assembly led by Officer On Duty, Regimet battalion, Staff reports to the cadets regiment commander.

laporan tarPD

Tar P-D Report

Before and after meal in wisraba, the Tar P-D reports to the Supervising Officer

absen apel malam

Attendance Checking In Night Assembly

One of the purpose to have this assembly is to check the presence of each cadet of each dorm.

apel malam

Night Assembly

This is conducted every day at 21.00 hours.

It is led by The Officer On Duty assited by Supervising Officer.



tim vallref

Vallreef Team

After having vallreef in a wedding, cadets of vallreef team doing a picture-taking with the bridge and groom.




Vallreef is a atribute ceremony activity given to Officers or alumni of STIP.

Vallreef can be done as a atribute ceremony in a wedding or funeral.



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