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Technical Department

Nowadays, maritime world needs a merchant ship engineer who has the ability in ship’s electrical and machinery. Maritime Higher Education Institute provides a major in Technical Program Diploma IV, which is to prepare a reliable and competent engineer on board. In the beginning, this program divided into Engineering and Electronics program.

Diploma IV (plus certification of competence class III for engineer / ATT III) consists of 8 semesters.

The Program:

  • Using the semester credit system with total study load of 150-160 credits
  • Semester 1, 2, 3 and 4 are for learning theory, laboratory practice and engine room simulation.
  • Semester 5 and 6 are for training on merchant ships for 1 full year (12 months).
  • Semester 7 and 8, cadets are the continuation of their academic degree and studying the some theory for Certification of Competency Class II of marine engineering.
  • Technical Program is a program that creates an engineer with both engineering and electrical basic.
  • In addition, to be an engineer on board owned by foreign and domestic companies, graduates have to be competent.

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