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Regiment Of Cadets



Komandan Resimen 

Functions :
  1. Act as commander of morning assembly and morning parade under supervision of an officer
  2. Assist supervising officer at night assembly
  3. Follow up orders of officials from Cadets Counsel Officers,Officer On Duty or Random Officer, Pickets and Instructors In Dissemination Of Information to all cadets
  4. Coordinate with fellow staff in cadets activities
  5. Lead the meeting about the activities of the regiment of cadets
  6. Create official letter of activities for the cadets
  7. Assist cadets Counsel Unit in general superintendent of cadets' battalion
  8. Make the organization's program in accordance with the regulations of cadets regiment
  9. Conduct cadets regiment's task in accordance with the rules of cadets
  10. Control and monitor of the funds must be under the consent of the head of cadets counsel unit.
  11. Hold incidental meeting



Kepala Staf Resimen 

    Functions :
  1. Assist supervising officer at the time to ensure the implementation PHST in dormitory goes well
  2. Lead meetings with all assistant thereunder to improve PHST for cadets
  3. Responsible for the administration of cadets regiment



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